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Dogs Nails

Mega long gnarled nails

Groomers have the right to refer your pet to a qualified vet if they deem it necessary. A Groomer is not a qualified vet and should not be used as such if  proper medical treatment is needed.

A groomer is not medically trained as a vetinarian and therefore should not be considered to be one.

A groomer is not a cheap option to having treatment such as cutting extremely long nails which a vet should be considered to do.

If your dog comes to the salon and is in need of special treatment by a Qualified Vet you will be advised of it.

At my salon if i deem it necessary to advise you to take your dog to a vet i will also reserve the right not to cut your dogs nails as cutting your dogs nails could make matters worse if the dog is in need of special treatment by a vet




Chickens dont like to be disturbed

dont disturb the chicken

dont disturb the chicken

This is why you dont disturb the chicken !

eggs woo hooooo !!

chickens like to lay in buckets


Infected Ears in a dog is extremely painful and needs special treatment by a vet. Pulling hair out of infected ears of a dog is BARBARIC and Unnecessary, as well as extremely painful for the dog.

At my salon I do not pull hair out of dogs ears as their is no medical evidence that the hair in a dogs ears causes infections, the infections occur when OWNERS neglect and  fail to clean out their dogs ears on a regular basis.

Hair in a dogs ear was put their by mother nature the tiny hairs catch debris and stop the debris and dirt from entering the inner ears and causing infections.

This is the latest info on plucking dogs ear hair: And I quote:

"veterinarians and groomers have been speaking out against ear plucking on the grounds that it can further irritate an ear canal already prone to irritation and lead to ear problems that may not have
 occurred otherwise. They point out that plucking the hair from a dog’s ear canal leaves minute openings–essentially, tiny wounds–in the skin where bacteria can simply settle more easily.

Additionally, because (a) dogs generally don’t like the feeling of hair being plucked out of their ears and (b) plucking can leave the skin irritated, a dog may be more likely to scratch and worry at his ears, which will only make any ear problem worse.

 Also, a dog with already-irritated or -infected ears should not undergo a plucking except under direct supervision of a veterinarian, as it could worsen the condition of the dog’s ears."


Plucking of ear hair is entirely at the disgression of the Groomer!

 The Qualified Groomer undergos a grooming charter ie: "Upholds the honour of grooming as a profession and adheres to the welfare of the dog" -  so therefore: If the groomer believes that plucking hair out of a dogs ears is detrimental to the dog, then it is up to the groomer to decline in that practise.



Matted dogs

Matted dogs suffer with painif matts are near the skin, as most dogs have double coats under the first layer it is normally quite nice looking but once you get under the first layer to the undercoat you can then experience a lot of matts and knots - this can commonly occur on long haired undercoated dogs - it is kinder to the dog to give him or her a thorough good shave down to start all over again as pulling combing and tugging out the knots is very painful for the dog  - 


ring for appointment 0838662515

My speciality is one  hour FULL grooming for your dog.

I only book one dog in at a time and i do not have any dogs caged as soon as your dog is in my care he or she gets started on her/his full groom straight away and their is no waiting.

matted dogs take longer to groom

My Speciality Aggressive Small Dogs

As an Experienced and dedicated Qualified Groomer another of my specialities are Aggressive small Dogs

Aggression is normally caused by your pet being nervous or has been caused pain by another person whilst being groomed.

Alot of care and consideration is used whilst grooming such dogs which is one of my specialities call me 0838662515 for further information and to book an appointment

Dogs Nails a Warning and quick tutorial

Dogs nail cutting-this nail is short enough

A dogs nail is not like a humans nail you cant just cut it right down short below the paw line, it has a 'quick' which is their for blood supply this quick [blood supply] extends from the paw right into the nail itself.

To cut a dogs nail be very careful to take a good look at the nail, because in light coloured nails you can see the pink tinge within the nail itself this should be avoided AT ALL COSTS from being cut into.

Groomers experience problems with dogs, at times, as they get real scared when their paws are picked up because they have had a bad experience with a human who may have cut into this part of the nail, not only wil it bleed but it contains a certain amount of nerve endings and when its cut into IT HURTS!

If you take your dog to the groomer and you can see that the nail [ in your opinion] is still long then it could be that the groomer can see that the nail is already close cut to the quick and therefore should be left alone till it grows out even more.


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Full Gooming Service

Shampoo-Trim or Full Clip

Nails Cut [unless needing vets attention] -  Ears Cleaned [unless needing a vets attention] [ No Ear hair plucking ]

contact me for prices as sometimes I have a promotion going on with lower prices


Heavily matted dogs with long coats may incur an extra charge from normal pricing as more time is needed to remove the matted hair








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Aileen’s Home Based Dog Grooming are dog groomers  Nr Tubbercurry County Sligo providing professional dog grooming in Sligo for all breeds of dogs.   As a local home based dog groomer in Sligo, Aileen proprietor of 'Aileen’s Dog Grooming' is a member of the Irish Professional   Dog Groomers Association and has many years experience grooming all breeds of dogs and holds one Advanced Dog Grooming Certificate and A Diploma in Advanced Dog grooming as well as a Pet First Aid Certificate and has trained groomers in the past.

The dog grooming services in Sligo provided by Aileen’s Home based Dog Grooming include; dog washing, Dog Bathing, dog shampooing, dog blow drying, dog hair trimming, dog hair cutting, dog nail cutting and dog ear cleaning, mobile dog grooming.

Grooming is provided in Aileen’s Home Based Dog Grooming home based Salon in county Sligo.
With a diploma in dog grooming and IVCAS qualifications Aileen is familiar with the diverse temperaments and behavioral traits of all types of canines.

Aileen’s Home Based Dog Grooming Salon Nr Tubbercurry Sligo provides grooming for all types of dogs including;  small dogs, big dogs, nervous dogs, King Charles, Affenpinscher,Afghan Hound,Airedale Terrier,Akita,American Eskimo Dog,Appenzeller Sennenhunde,Basset Hound,Belgian Sheepdog,Bernese Mountain Dog,Bichon Frise,Bloodhound,Boston Terrier, Bouvier des Flandres,Boxer,Brussels Griffon,Bulldog,Bullmastiff,Cairn Terrier,Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,Chihuahua,Chinese Crested,Chinese Shar-Pei,Chow Chow,Clumber Spaniel,Cockapoo,Cocker Spaniel,Collie,Coton de Tulear,Dachshund,English Toy Spaniel,French Bulldog,German Pinscher,German Shepherd Dog,Golden Retriever,Goldendoodle,Havanese,Irish Red and White Setter,Irish Setter,Irish Terrier,Irish Water Spaniel,Irish Wolfhound,Jack Russell Terrier,Kerry Blue Terrier,Labradoodle,Lhasa Apso,Lowchen,LhasaApso,Maltese,MiniaturePinscher,Miniature

Schnauzer,Maltipoo,Newfoundland,Old English Sheepdog,Peekapoo,Papillon,Pointer,Portuguese Water Dog,Pug,Rottweiler,Saint Bernard,
Sealyham Terrier,Standard Schnauzer,Welsh Terrier,West Highland White Terrier,Wirehaired Pointing Griffon,Yorkipoo,Yorkshire Terriers, Spaniels, Collies, Shih Tzu, German Shepherds, Labradors, Terriers, Boxers, Alsatians,
Dobermans, Beagles and Golden Retrievers.

Puppy grooming is provided in Aileen’s home based Dog Grooming Salon Nr Tubbercurry County Sligo, and Provides reassurance to puppies on their first grooming session, Aileen ensures that each puppy is calm and secure before gentle introduction to each stage of the grooming process.

The dog grooming services provided by Aileen’s Home based Dog Grooming in Sligo includes; dog grooming, puppy grooming, dog bathing, dog hair cutting, dog hair de matting, coat brushing, coat thinning, dog coat styling and dog show styling.

Providing provisional health checks on dogs is a specialty of Aileen’s Dog Grooming in Sligo.
As a qualified pet first aider Aileen is knowledgeable in all aspects of dog care recognising the symptoms of most ailments in dogs and can advise if veterinary care is required.

The dog health care services provided by Aileen’s Dog Grooming in Sligo includes; dog nail clipping, dog ear cleaning, dog skin checks, dog teeth checks, removing ear mites, preventing dogs nails splitting, preventing in grown dog nails, identifying dog skin conditions and then suggesting a referral to your vets practise

with a vast experience in canine breed characteristics obtained from grooming all breeds of dogs, Aileen can advise on what breed of dog may be best suited to individual requirements. and keeping dogs teeth healthy.

Aileen's Home Based Dog Grooming Salon Nr Tubbercurry County Sligo is ideally located to the following areas including Ougham, Cloonacool, Achonry, Bunnanadden, Gorteen, Masshill and Ballymote, Roscommon, Leitrim, Galway, Sligo Town, Tobercurry

retriever - telephone 0838662515 tubbercurry sligo for dog grooming appointment

characteristics of the pug breed


PUG DOG Characteristics

Great charm, dignity and intelligence.
Even-tempered, happy and lively disposition.
Head and Skull
Head relatively large and in proportion to body, round, not apple-headed, with no indentation of skull.
Dark, relatively large, round in shape, soft and solicitous in expression, very lustrous, and when excited, full of fire.
Thin, small soft like black velvet. Two kinds – ‘Button ear’ – ear flap folding forward, tip lying close to skull to cover opening. ‘Rose ear’ – small drop ear which folds over and back to reveal the burr.
Slightly undershot. Wide lower jaw with incisors almost in a straight line.
Slightly arched to resemble a crest, strong, thick with enough length to carry head proudly.
Legs very strong, straight, of moderate length,
Short and cobby, broad in chest.


characteristics of the PUG dog continued ...

so well behaved  a little charmer


very strong, of moderate length, with good turn of stifle, well under body, straight and parallel when viewed from rear.

Fine, smooth, soft, short and glossy, neither harsh, off-standing nor woolly. Any stripping or trimming of the coat which alters the length, texture or outline must be penalised.
Silver, apricot, fawn or black. Each clearly defined, to make contrast complete between colour, trace

Ideal weight 6.3-8.1 kgs (14-18 lbs). Should be hard of muscle but substance must not be confused with overweight.

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